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Types of Information Technology Jobs

Network Engineer: A network engineer designs computer networks, focusing on high-level design. They select and configure data communications components. This position generally requires a candidate to have a bachelor’s degree in network administration, information technology, or computer science. In addition to a degree, one may also choose to earn an IT certificate in networking like the Microsoft Network Engineer certificate and/or the Cisco Certified Network Associate certification.

Service Delivery Manager: A service delivery manager oversees the delivery of service technology to clients and customers, establishing policies for high service performance. The manager also supervises employees and receives customer feedback. This position requires technical knowledge, patience, and communication skills.

Quality Assurance Analyst: The quality assurance analyst is responsible for creating and executing a test plan to ensure that all software or technology meets a certain standard. Products are tested in terms of performance, reliability, functionality, and stability, as well as compatibility with other systems. To qualify for this position, a candidate must earn a BS or BA degree.

PHP Developer: A PHP developer creates programs, applications, and websites using the PHP scripting language. Duties include software testing, website administration, and user training. PHP developers are generally required to have a bachelor’s degree in information science, software engineering, computer science, or another related field.

There are a number of different information technology opportunities out there, and that number grows every day as tech continues to change and evolve. By working with a specialized recruiting and staffing company, you can find your perfect job in the tech industry.

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