Vendor Management


As the utilization of contingent or temporary employees increases in the marketplace, it is critical to properly manage and control the cost and efficiency of the hiring process.

At no cost to you, Forum’s web-based Vendor Management System (VMS) provides a state-of- the-art tool to help manage clients’ temporary staffing needs. Our consultative approach enables us to partner with our clients to maximize cost-saving opportunities and increase efficiencies for all temporary, contract or per diem recruiting.

The Forum “Solution” facilitates the entire temporary recruiting, onboarding and payroll process. Clients utilize our program to list its temporary staffing requirements, source candidates from approved vendors, maintain electronic timekeeping and consolidate invoicing. Forum’s Solution system provides full-support documentation and customized management reporting in any format requested.

In short, our Solution program offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective means to control this highly transactional hiring process.

Our clients select the best service providers (preferred vendors) in their respective locations while our program organizes the controls for the business transaction. Our clients enjoy real-time ratings for their vendors and temporary professional provided. The program also provides users complete access to outstanding job orders, assignments in progress and completed assignments.

As revenues for the Solution program is secured through preferred vendors, this user-friendly and easy-to-implement system is offered at no cost to our clients.

Benefits of Forum’s Vendor Management System

  • Access to a fully automated and secure web-based procurement system that records and documents every action taken.
  • Fully customized management reporting reflecting all temporary usage in any format requested.
  • The flexibility to select “preferred vendors” on a location-by-location basis, while centrally controlling pricing, terms, conversion rates and guarantees.
  • Consolidation of all temporary staffing invoices into one electronically transmitted package with full supporting documentation. This will remove all invoices from your system and eliminate the requirement to have various levels of payment approvals. As all payments flow through Forum, client disbursements to individual vendors are also eliminated.
  • The provision of electronic timekeeping capability, which increases security, expedites record keeping and accurately calculates total hours.
  • Real-time access to all “Open,” “Work in Progress” and/or “Completed” orders.
  • Real-time access to individual vendors and candidate performance ratings.