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Your company relies on having a top tier marketing team to tell your story effectively and creatively. Establishing a strong brand and attracting customers requires experienced marketing and creative talent. At The Forum Group, we specialize in identifying and delivering that talent to your company.

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, our clients have trusted Forum Group for their talent searches for over 40 years. Our team of highly skilled and well-trained recruiting professionals possess the unique skills and experience to meet your specific marketing/creative talent needs.

Partnering with The Forum Group provides you with access to our network of the best and brightest creative and marketing professionals. We take an active role in your search, connecting with the most candidates—even those not actively looking for a new opportunity. Let our team provide insightful counsel on current market trends and compensation to working closely with you to develop and meet your marketing talent & hiring objectives.

Success Built on Lasting Partnership

Our Marketing and Creative recruitment teams are made up of former industry professionals. Their unique experience allows them to provide only the most qualified candidates for your organization.

Connect with our Marketing and Creative team today and learn why Forum Group has been trusted for over 40 years as New York’s top staffing and recruiting firm.