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The Forum story is one that has repeated itself many times in our great country. It is a story of young professionals creating an enterprise built on hard work and the unyielding principle that treating both candidates and clients with respect and honesty will yield success. Our growth over four plus decades is a direct result of our commitment to engage and train the very best individuals. We are committed to supporting, incentivizing and leading our team in providing the most professional service possible. In an industry well-known for employee turnover, we are blessed to currently have over 25 staff members with over 20 years of employment with our firm while a dozen or more have retired.

These principles have served us well for over four decades whether operating in vibrant or weak economies. We have been extremely prudent in funding all of our operations with internal capital. In doing so since our inception, we have incurred no debt, which allows us to operate in a stable manner through any economic climate. There are no shortcuts to success, and our proud history is a testament to the principle that hard work and professionalism will yield outstanding results. We invite you to meet with us to discuss your future career growth or to assist you with any staffing requirements.

Early 70's

Photo: The Forum Group staff in the 1970s.



For over 40 years, The Forum Group has continuously developed a staffing model that gives us a competitive edge. Our firm works with businesses ranging from entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 100 global giants. Our principle industry focus includes:

  • Financial Services
  • Public Accounting
  • Venture Capital and Investment Banking
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Medical Healthcare
  • Not-for-profit
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Cultural Institutions
  • Entertainment/Media
  • Retail
  • Consumer Products
  • Real Estate
  • Digital Services

Not only do we maintain an extensive database of industry professionals, but have a unique reputation for tapping into our extensive network to find candidates who are not active in the job market.



It has been an unyielding principle at Forum that with success comes an obligation to “give back” to the society that fostered our prosperity. Forum employees have taken leadership positions in a host of charitable, cultural and professional organizations, including:
The Cooleys Anemia FoundationLenox Foundation of Lenox Hill Hospital
Catholic CharitiesNew York Public Library
The Inner City Scholarship FundHoly Apostle Soup Kitchen
Autism SpeaksCancer Care
The Columbus FoundationSt. Vincent Services

We are extremely proud not only of our service to these established organizations, but our accomplishments on their behalf. These include:

  • Establishing and directing an Adopt-a-Scholar program that raised over 15 million dollars to date for scholarship aid for students in need.
  • Establishing and directing an annual fundraising event that raised over three million dollars, to support research and patient care for a fatal genetic blood disorder affecting children.
  • Establishing and directing a Walk-A-Thon for children’s disorders, which raised over two million dollars to date.
  • Leading three efforts in support of our military, raising in excess of one million dollars to date.
  • Assisting in establishing and serving as the initial fundraiser for a minority program, providing a summer college dormitory experience and ongoing coaching for inner city high school students.