Stephanie Weldon is a Forum Group Success Story. She began with The Forum Group as a temp back in February 2017, and recently received permanent placement at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She works as Assistant to the head of the Tumor Division. The New Jersey native has a strong passion for healthcare administration, so she couldn’t be more thrilled with her new position. “Each day that I have been at MSK, I have learned something new and exciting.”

Before coming to The Forum Group, Stephanie received her BS degree in Healthcare Management from Towson University in Towson, Maryland. From there she went on to work at a home healthcare company, and then as an administrative assistant in a New Jersey hospital system. Stephanie recounts that these jobs did not provide adequate opportunity for growth. “I felt as though I was at a dead end. My goal was to land a position that challenged me and encouraged me to learn more about a field that I already had such a passion to work in.”

Stephanie’s current position at Memorial Sloan Kettering feels right, and she credits Forum for a smooth transition–particularly her recruiter Nicole Balabanoff. “My experiences with the Forum Group and with Nicole were fantastic. Working with Nicole really helped ease some of the stress that comes with job searching. She always had my goals and best career interests in mind, and before each interview she really made sure that I was prepared and always offered words of encouragement. Every person I met at Forum was helpful, encouraging, and seemed to want the best for everyone they were helping.”

Having successfully navigated from temp to perm, Stephanie is very pleased with her Forum Group experience. “I would recommend Forum Group because I had such a wonderful experience working with them during my job search.”

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