The Forum Group is proud to place Karina Soto as a Medicine Clerkship Coordinator at NYU Langone Health.

Karina Soto recently completed her BS in Health Policy Administration with a minor in information science and technology at Penn State University. Being a recent graduate Karina was having a tough time with her job search due to lack of experience in a full-time role. Working in the healthcare industry, helping to provide care for people in need has always been her long term goal.

“My experience during my job search with The Forum Group and with my recruiter Kimberly Kokal was extremely positive. Kimberly was able to help me with my resume and interviewing skills as well as address any concerns I had. I interviewed with Kimberly on Tuesday, got an interview at NYU on Thursday and was working by the following Tuesday. The Forum Group helped me achieve my goal because I always wanted to work for the prestigious organization in the city.  Getting a job at NYU as a recent graduate? What else can you ask for? I’m so grateful for everything The Forum Group and Kimberly have done for me.”

Karina was very happy with her Forum Group experience. “I would recommend The Forum Group because they really care about their candidates and clients mutual happiness and success. If you put forth the effort and show how serious you are about your career, they will never let you down.”

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